Congrats to the AERO Team

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The AERO Team successfully presented at Centric’s Camp IO in Cleveland, and did an outstanding job.
Congratulations AERO Team!!


CampIO PowerPoint Presentation (Click Here)


Video of CampIO Presentation


Presentation Video: Introduction – Launch Stills


Presentation Video: Launch Videos


Presentation Video: Building Rockets


Presentation Video: Launch Failures

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  1. Joyce Forschner

    I really enjoyed all the videos–next best thing to being there. It was great seeing some of the painstaking preparation–it helps those not involved to appreciate all the patience and work that goes into this type of project. Including the videos of the camera perspective was also a great idea. Congrats to Mark and the team for a truly impressive job! What a fantastic experience for these boys!

  2. Brian Forschner

    Unbelievable!!!!!!! What a team!!! It warms the heart and inspires!!!!

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