A.E.R.O. as an acronym for Arduinos Engineering Rockets and Observations. A team of 4 boys who all share a passion for summer science fun makes up A.E.R.O.

This team is comprised of 4 boys who have a passion for science. The goals of this project are the following:

  • Have Fun Learning about Rockets and Programming
  • Launch a Rocket 500ft and Recover the Rocket
  • Build the Rockets, Launch Pad, and Telemetry Package (Arduino)
  • Learn to analyze launch results
  • Capture onboard camera footage
  • Recover data from the SD card in the telemetry package
  • Make in person observations
  • Present findings and project outcome at the Centric Camp IO meeting in Cleveland, OH

The annual event, Camp IO, is a technology showcase sponsored by Centric Consulting. Entries are typically from employees of Centric. Presentations cover any topic of interest. Projects can highlight aspects of technology and may be tied to projects people are working on, or a personal passion someone has. The meaning of Camp IO is derived from the computer term ‘IO’ which stands for Input and Output. The derived meaning for the event implies that people will be leaning (Input) and people will be giving presentations (Output).

Arduinos are small, programmable, micro-controllers that use a programming language called ‘C’. The A.E.R.O. team will use the Arduino to collect real-time sensor data and perform tasks. Sensor data includes altitude, acceleration, and temperature. The task is deploying the parachute.